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The Post-Jack Years

April 21, 2016

This version of the chronology contains more about the post-Jack years of Warren Lewis, especially his holidays in Ireland, which he took with Len and Mollie Miller, as well as in the Walberswick area of East Anglia, where June Freud and her husband lent him the use of their cottage when she and her husband Clement were elsewhere. Whenever Warren took these holidays, he seems to have made a deal with the Millers—if you do the driving, Len, and the cooking, Mollie (although they ate out a lot), I will cover all the expenses.

There is also a bit more information about the growing correspondence (almost romance, as Diana Glyer has pointed out) between Warren and Dr. Blanche Biggs, missionary doctor in New Guinea. And it is quite clear that Warren is not thinking about converting to Roman Catholicism in the post-Jack years, a position I have sometimes seen argued. For example, in his travel journey for June 9, 1968, Warren rejoices in the strength of the Church of Ireland in Roman Catholic territory. This is by no means a rare comment—he makes a similar comment in the same journal entry for that date and occasionally in other places. Although he appreciated the nuns of Drogheda, where he on more than one occasion dried out from alcohol consumption, I have read nothing from him about being attracted to Catholicism. Nor is there anything about staying Protestant for the sake of Jack’s memory.

This version includes some notes about Walter Hooper’s annual gathering known as “C. S. Lewis and Friends” (such as the one that occurred on May 19, 1971; there is at least one other such gathering mentioned in this version), which Warren attended and liked, except that he seldom got to speak with anyone at length and was always on display for those who wanted to meet him, probably as “the brother of the great one.” There is more about Douglas and David Gresham, as they matured into responsible young men. Douglas was living with his wife Merry in Tasmania, and David was studying at Cambridge University. Warren also spends some time with Clyde Kilby.

With this version, now about sixteen more pages and 8,000 more words than last time, I am nearing the end of the main part of this project. I am almost finished with the reading of the final sections of Warren’s diaries and incorporating information up to the point of Warren’s death. This summer I will read the rest of The Lewis Papers and incorporate any new information. At that point, this historical project on the life of the Lewis brothers will be about 99% complete, at least in terms of content. There may yet be some new ways of organizing or formatting this chronology that could significantly change the way it looks, and I would invite any readers to make suggestions for improvements (for example, I would like to use running heads, so that the year is always visible, but I haven’t seen how that works). There will also be a few corrections. Almost all other additions to the content will come from those tidbits that appear in other people’s diaries, biographies, or various other literary documents, such as the recent information from a life of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, whose recent (2013) biography reported that Lloyd-Jones had lunch with Lewis on Feb. 7, 1941.


Minor Changes

February 14, 2016
This update contains more information about the life of Warren Lewis in 1967 and 1968, plus a significant redating of some of the Great War letters to 1927 rather than 1928 (probably the most important improvement), thanks to Arend Smilde's work. This version is eleven pages and about 8,000 words longer, and it also contains a few typographical corrections. Not much else, so this is mostly a matter of minor changes.
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1,000 Pages!

January 3, 2016
Happy New Year! With this post I have reached the last of my numerical goals. The chronology now has more than one hundred sources, more than a half million words, and more than a thousand pages (not to mention more than 3,000 footnotes, but that was never a goal). The thousand pages have been a long established goal, far less valuable than the actual content, but still symbolic of a minimum of value. This version of the chronology also adds a good deal more from Warren's diaries in the year ...
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Honorary Doctorate from the University of Dijon

December 18, 2015
One new detail that appears in the current version of "Chronologically Lewis" is the actual date on which C. S. Lewis received an honorary doctorate from the University of Dijon. Since I had only seen it listed as a degree given by that university in 1962, I wondered if the month and day could be determined, along with some other details. See encyclopedia.com for one example of the listing of the year, or the timeline from Dallas Baptist University (which incorrectly lists 1963 as the year, b...
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Warren's Later Diaries & Stephen Thorson

December 16, 2015
This posting, eleven pages and six thousand words longer than the previous one, has two primary upgrades. First, I have read and incorporated more of Warren Lewis's diaries in the years after his brother Jack's death. Second, I have been reading Stephen Thorson's excellent list of letters (published in the periodical CSL) not included in the three volumes of Collected Letters. I have added many of those letters and will continue to do so until all of them have been incorporated. By the way, t...
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Proofreading Done!

November 18, 2015
Today I completed the proofreading of all 982 pages of this chronology. Boring work, but helpful to the accuracy, completeness, and readability of the text. Time to celebrate!! Throughout I have searched online for various names and places, adding some informative details about such people and places, thereby connecting the narrative more closely with the lives of Warren and Jack Lewis. I have noticed during this proofreading the attribution of honorary degrees to C. S. Lewis in five differen...
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900 Pages

November 15, 2015
The proofreading is nearly at an end. This file takes the proofreading through 900 pages. There are about 900 more words, mostly explanatory comments about speakers at the Socratic Club or people to whom C. S. Lewis wrote. I have corrected a couple more spelling mistakes and found a couple of other errors. For example, I had previously listed the end of Lewis's service on the Council of Westcott House as both December 1, 1958 and December 1, 1959. Don't ask me why. Only the latter is accurate...
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Warren in 1921 and 800 pages

November 5, 2015
This version completes the addition of material from Warren's service with the RASC in Sierra Leone in 1921, and it incorporates the proofreading of the first 800 pages. The document is now 981 pages long, within reach of the 1,000-page goal, and well past a half-million words. A new goal: at least 100 sources, which will be met because of references to unpublished letters. Some minor improvements include the addition of some biographical information about various authors and speakers at the ...
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700 Pages

October 20, 2015
Another 100 pages proofread, minor corrections made, additional notes about people, a few more notes about unpublished letters by C. S. Lewis, plus a good chunk of information about Warren's activities in 1921. Another five pages and 5,000 words added.
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More Proofreading

October 9, 2015
I have now proofread 600 pages, and the result is one more page and about 1,500 more words. That length has been added in two ways. First, I have continued to read the diary of Warren Lewis during 1921, while he is serving in Sierra Leone with the R.A.S.C. Whenever he gets a letter from either his father or his brother, I note that letter and its comments. Eventually I will be adding lots of information about Warren, but at this point I am only adding information relative to his father or bro...
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This is the latest Lewis chronology:

Chronologically Lewis April 21 2016.pdf Chronologically Lewis April 21 2016.pdf
Size : 7613.839 Kb
Type : pdf

The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis (now 470 in number with the addition of several unpublished works in chronological order and in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added May 18, 2016, includes works listed in the bibliography of Adam Barkman's C. S. Lewis & Philosophy as a Way of Life.

TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf
Size : 368.322 Kb
Type : pdf

Just in case you want to look through a portion of the chronology and don't want to have to wade through a huge file, here are portions of the chronology by decade (now up to date): 

Chronologically Lewis through 1919.pdf Chronologically Lewis through 1919.pdf
Size : 1303.221 Kb
Type : pdf
Chronologically Lewis 1920 to 1929.pdf Chronologically Lewis 1920 to 1929.pdf
Size : 1866.533 Kb
Type : pdf
Chronologically Lewis 1930 to 1939.pdf Chronologically Lewis 1930 to 1939.pdf
Size : 1509.836 Kb
Type : pdf
Chronologically Lewis 1940 to 1949.pdf Chronologically Lewis 1940 to 1949.pdf
Size : 1540.663 Kb
Type : pdf
Chronologically Lewis 1950 to the End.pdf Chronologically Lewis 1950 to the End.pdf
Size : 1743.143 Kb
Type : pdf

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf
Size : 1550.013 Kb
Type : pdf