The post on March 2, 2019, is only 132 words longer than the previous one with most minor additions of additional information of items that are already there. It probably includes insights from Norbert Feinendegen on the chronology of Lewis' conversion. Posting on Feb. 14, 2019, is almost 2,000 words longer, more information, including about Charlie W. Starr's article on the writing "On Bolshevism" and "Mythonomy." The post of Jan. 1, 2019, is more than a thousand words longer, which is now my standard for updates. It includes a note from 1928, when Charlie Starr states that Lewis wrote the fragment "Mythonomy." It also contains notes from a seven-day trip that Warren took in June 1938 in his boat, the Bosphorus. Also other minor changes. I have to put these notes here, because the Yola software is not working correctly. The post from Dec. 18, 2018, includes, among other things, some notes on T. S. Eliot (from Janice Brown's book), some footnotes on “Fellow Knight,” a couple of additions from Warren's unpublished diary, some minor details, and some information on Cyril Clemens.

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Andrew Lazo Edition

Posted by Joel Heck on Tuesday, July 23, 2013,
This new edition of Chronogically Lewis is about 4,000 words longer than the previous one, based largely on my latest work at the Marion E. Wade Center in Wheaton, Illinois. It has several additions thanks to Andrew Lazo, and I have given credit in footnotes to Andrew. One of these dates is the death of Flora Lewis's father in 1905. The three other major changes are the walking tours that the Lewis brothers took in 1938 and 1939 and the Riddell Memorial Lectures that C. S. Lewis gave in Newca...
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Another Proofreading

Posted by Joel Heck on Monday, July 1, 2013,

I have just finished proofreading (again) the first hundred pages. I have been looking for improved formatting, corrections of spelling, more complete information (such as the mention of an occasional author's name instead of just the title), and context (with the elimination of contradictions in context). This has resulted in the discovery of a few mistakes, such as the listing of two honorary doctorates in 1946, the conferral of the first one probably being an error (although it remains in ...

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This is the latest Lewis chronology:

Chronologically Lewis March 2 2019.pdf Chronologically Lewis March 2 2019.pdf
Size : 9811.395 Kb
Type : pdf

The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis in chronological order (now 488 in number, one more than the previous version because of the addition of the brief "Undergraduate Criticism" from 1960) in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added on March 18, 2017, includes works listed in the bibliography of Adam Barkman's C. S. Lewis & Philosophy as a Way of Life. It also includes the recently discovered (by Christopher Marsh) "A Christmas Sermon for Pagans."

TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf
Size : 316.051 Kb
Type : pdf

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf
Size : 1550.013 Kb
Type : pdf