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The Conclusion of This Project

August 13, 2017

In one sense, this chronology will never be finished. New information will pop up and beg to be included, while new ways of organizing and presenting what’s here will also develop. But this major update formally concludes this project, begun during the Fall of 2004, nearly thirteen years ago. I have now just finished a read-through of all of The Lewis Papers and have recorded everything I could learn from those papers for the lives of C. S. Lewis and his brother Warren. That means that everything of the Lewis brothers, whether published or unpublished, has been read and incorporated. This last update mostly provides more information from the diary of Warren Lewis about the last six months of 1930, particularly August 4 through December 6.

The project began shortly after I spoke to Peter Schakel at the Wade Center in Wheaton, Illinois, in the summer of 2004, asking him if anyone had ever brought all of the historical information about C. S. Lewis into one place. He didn’t think so; he was right. I met him that summer, just days after I had begun reading his book, Imagination and the Arts in C. S. Lewis (the hardcover edition which came out in 2002). And, of course, I asked him to autograph my copy. We haven’t crossed paths since, so that meeting seems to have been a divine encounter. More than two-thirds of a million words, 1,180 pages, and 3,553 footnotes later, here is Chronologically Lewis, finally finished. My best estimate on the amount of time that I have put into this project is about one hour per day for thirteen years. That works out to 4,745 hours. We will soon be able to round it off to an even five thousand hours. I want to thank the many people who have written me over the years, telling me how much they have appreciated this resource, and others who have made suggestions and offered helpful content and corrections. Many have written, or spoken to me personally, but I want to share excerpts from one of the most comments that I have received, this one from the United Kingdom in July of this year.

“I was absolutely delighted to stumble across your Chronologically Lewis resource! This strikes me as the most important and exciting thing to happen in Lewis studies since the Collected Letters – and has the added advantage of being free of charge.… I also have a particular interest in Warnie Lewis, and have read everything I can find on him short of visiting the Marion Wade collection – so your Chronology should provide a feast of new material for me over the weeks ahead.” (from Prof Bruce G Charlton MD [Newcastle] MA [Durham], Visiting Professor of Theoretical Medicine, University of Buckingham, Newcastle University UK)


MC Titles, General Strike, Christian News-Letter

May 24, 2017
In addition to some minor details, this version includes new information, such as the titles of the four series of BBC talks that became Mere Christianity, information about the paragraph Lewis wrote for the Feb. 4, 1942 issue of the Christian News-Letter, and some details about the General Strike (a ten-day coal miners' strike) of May 3-13, 1926. There are also some historical details about clergy who served St. Mark's, Dundela, and Holy Trinity, Headington Quarry (located near the end of th...
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More Minors

May 4, 2017
I have added a bit of biographical details about some of the people Lewis knew, usually in the first place where those people are named next to a specific date (not in the summary of a year). I have added things like birth and death years, occupation, that sort of thing.
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Minor Changes

April 26, 2017
I have added a little information about the honorary doctorate Jack received from the University of Laval, some information about Alec Vidler, i.e., as he relates to Lewis, and some biographical information about Donald M. McKinnon.
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Proofreading Done--No Joke!

April 1, 2017
While today is April Fools' Day, I have actually completed the proofreading of all 1,142 pages of "Chronologically Lewis." It was a major task, taking 6-8 months, but it was worth it. I'm almost embarrassed by the number of errors I found and corrected. However, the end result is a more accurate chronology, even if most of the errors were corrections of underlining, capitalizing a few first words in sentences, and adding publication years to many books and birth and death years to many people...
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One Thousand Pages!

March 17, 2017
I have now completed the proofreading of one thousand pages, out of the 1,141 total number. The pace has accelerated as I near the completion of this task (plus I'm on Spring Break). In these last one hundred pages (completed just four days after the previous upload), I have italicized all occurrences of the word "viva" in any of its forms, a word which refers to interviews with graduating students, capitalized throughout the document both words in the phrase "The Kilns," dropped a lot of app...
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900 Pages

March 12, 2017
900 pages have now been proofread and updated. Mostly, I have been adding some brief biographical information about people who speak at the Socratic Club or to whom Lewis wrote, so that the reader has a bit more context, except in those instances where the name (such as "Vincent Turner") is very common. I continue to correct minor typographical errors. The end is in sight for this complete reread and proofread.
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800 Pages

February 27, 2017
I am now more than two-thirds of the way through this proofreading. These are the more interesting years, so there are two major changes or improvements. First, there is a lot more text that is bolded. Second, I have done some Internet searches about people and dates and places, subsequently adding a note about this speaker at the Socratic Club or that travel destination. For example, I found the date when the Local Defense Volunteers changed their name to the Home Guard. I added that notatio...
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700 Pages

February 16, 2017
I have now proofread and added some helpful information (such as a description of The Listener, a British weekly magazine designed especially to print broadcast talks) to 700 pages. The chronology is now 1,138 pages long with more than 650,000 words and more than 3,400 footnotes. In this segment I have especially bolded more sections, which makes sense, since the years I'm reading are the years of the BBC broadcasts, The Screwtape Letters, and many other talks, letters, and essays that are fl...
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600 Pages

January 30, 2017
I have reached the halfway point, and beyond, in this proofreading of the chronology. While I found a few typographical errors, I have also added some information about the people, places, and events that are recorded in these hundred pages. For example, I have added some full (rather than partial) names, corrected some titles of musical compositions, and added some birth and death years for some people.
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This is the latest Lewis chronology:

Chronologically Lewis September 10 2018.pdf Chronologically Lewis September 10 2018.pdf
Size : 9192.483 Kb
Type : pdf

The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis in chronological order (now 488 in number, one more than the previous version because of the addition of the brief "Undergraduate Criticism" from 1960) in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added on March 18, 2017, includes works listed in the bibliography of Adam Barkman's C. S. Lewis & Philosophy as a Way of Life. It also includes the recently discovered (by Christopher Marsh) "A Christmas Sermon for Pagans."

TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf
Size : 316.051 Kb
Type : pdf

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf
Size : 1550.013 Kb
Type : pdf