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Stained Glass Window

Posted by Joel Heck on Thursday, October 16, 2014
This is a minor update, about a thousand words, two pages, and ten footnotes longer than the last one. Some of the changes are significant, especially those drawn from Warren Lewis's diary for 1931. There are seven more days in 1931 that have entries posted, three of them for the weekend of June 13-15, Saturday to Monday. These are days shortly after Jack's conversion to theism and two months after Warren's May 9 return to the Christian faith. That weekend Warren rode his motorcycle to the Kilns from Bulford, England, to spend the weekend. This was on Saturday afternoon, arriving at the Kilns just in time for tea with Minto and Jack. He and Jack discussed the stained glass window they were having installed at St. Mark's, Dundela, Belfast. Apparently they had planned to include the Resurrection in the window somehow, but agreed not to on the advice of the stained glass window firm. This is not strange for Warren, since he had returned to the Christian faith. It is somewhat strange, however, for Jack, who traces his return to the Christian faith to September 28, 1931. My guess is that Jack was not open about his spiritual journey, preferring to hold his reservations inside rather than share them with Warren. Northern Ireland. If memory serves me right, there are also a couple of corrections made possible by William O'Flaherty's careful work.

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