400 Pages Proofread

Posted by Joel Heck on Monday, July 6, 2020

This installment, including another 100 pages of proofreading, gives the origin of the term “Thessaly,” which Lewis used (and may have invented). I have highlighted it in the Spotlight, which changes from time to time. I'm pleased to have discovered that with lots of help from Dr. Robin Darwall-Smith. There are also some corrections and clarifications, some improvements in the writing and elimination of some redundancies and excessive verbiage, and an occasional first name added here and there. Mostly boring. Sorry.

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This is the latest Lewis chronology in Word format:

Chronologically Lewis February 1 2023.docx Chronologically Lewis February 1 2023.docx
Size : 6502.192 Kb
Type : docx
All Spotlights.pdf All Spotlights.pdf
Size : 59.188 Kb
Type : pdf
TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf
Size : 313.351 Kb
Type : pdf

The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis in chronological order (now 528 in number) in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added on May 13, 2020, includes a corrected date for "Transposition" on June 9, 1946.

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf
Size : 1550.013 Kb
Type : pdf