Posted by Joel Heck on Monday, December 11, 2017
This edition contains some minor changes (most of which I detail below, just so you have an idea what I have done, i.e., what sort of changes I have made). I have added the location from which Lewis wrote to Arthur Greeves on Aug. 30, 1932, some additional footnotes, and some improvements in format. In format, for example, I have adopted the format World War I and World War II (instead of using World War I sometimes and World War One at other times), noted a second letter to Alan Fairhurst on Sept. 9, 1959, noted some additional dates on Arthur Greeves and his time studying painting at the Slade School of Fine Art (after I wrote to the Slade about Greeves), I added a note on Feb. 3, 1960 from a letter to Donald Coggan about the Commission to Revise the Psalter, added clarity and consistency on the Wounded Buffalo being Henry Parker, added notes about when Arthur Greeves first met Barfield and Harwood (because of a passage in They Stand Together, which I have just read), added the letter to William Temple of Feb. 28, 1942, and corrected Forrest Reid’s book title from Pater Waring to Peter Waring. None of these are consequential, but they add to the accuracy and completeness of the historical record. All of this, I hope, will result in some benefit to many researchers and writers in the decades ahead.

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This is the latest Lewis chronology in Word format:

Chronologically Lewis February 1 2023.docx Chronologically Lewis February 1 2023.docx
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Type : docx
All Spotlights.pdf All Spotlights.pdf
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TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf TheCompleteWorksofCSLewis.pdf
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The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis in chronological order (now 528 in number) in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added on May 13, 2020, includes a corrected date for "Transposition" on June 9, 1946.

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf Intellectual History of Oxford and Cambridge.pdf
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Type : pdf