Warren's Diaries of 1934

Posted by Joel Heck on Saturday, November 30, 2013
This latest post, completed just ten days after the previous one (due to some extra available time during Thanksgiving break), is about 1,700 words longer. It covers only parts of the first three months of 1934, including especially some information about household dynamics (Minto is still rather well thought of by Warren, the bickerings of servants, the pets, even to the naming of one cat, etc.) and information about the landscaping of the grounds of the Kilns which Warren and Jack are doing. Warren is taking the lead, but he is also continuing his work on The Lewis Papers, spending one full day at Magdalen College each week and some other time there as well. The landscaping is called "public works," and both brothers enjoy spending time out of doors on these projects with some assistance from Paxford. This post also contains more information about church attendance, especially by Warren, but also by Jack whenever he accompanies Warren, and Warren's Lenten resolutions. A lot of days, for which I had no previous information, now contain information about the activities of the Lewis brothers. I also added some information about a collection of Chesterton essays that Lewis says he was reading in February 1918, while in the hospital during World War I. Thanks to Devin Brown's new biography of Lewis for pointing this out. These were not days of major writing projects for Jack. He was in the process of doing research for his first major work of literary criticism, The Allegory of Love (published in 1936), and doing the wide reading that would be a springboard for a stellar academic career. BTW, my latest article about Jack's participation in the Martlets is now available on the HarperCollins website.

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This is the latest Lewis chronology in Word format:

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The file that appears below lists all works of C. S. Lewis in chronological order (now 528 in number) in the location where they were first published or delivered (if spoken) as far as I am able to determine. Corrections are welcome. This version, slightly revised and added on May 13, 2020, includes a corrected date for "Transposition" on June 9, 1946.

This file describes what is happening in Oxford, Cambridge, the UK, and Europe at the time that Lewis writes his various poems, essays, and books, dividing the life and writings of Lewis by academic topic, i.e. English, Philosophy, History, etc. 

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