On this page you will find numerous PowerPoint presentations (usually in pdf format, but I'll send the PowerPoint version to anyone who asks) that show various sites related to the life of C. S. Lewis in Oxford, Cambridge, and in Belfast, Ireland. Browse through these PowerPoints to see some of the places where Lewis lived and worked. All of the photographs in these PowerPoints are original with me, and you have permission to use them in other settings. Please give credit when you do so.

The following PowerPoint on Walter Hooper contains photos by the author of the PowerPoint. The photos and/or the PowerPoint may be borrowed, downloaded, edited, or used for other purposes without any fees, provided that they are used positively and ethically to promote the work of Walter Hooper and/or C. S. Lewis.

Walter Hooper.pptx Walter Hooper.pptx
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Oxford University.pdf Oxford University.pdf
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Cambridge University.pdf Cambridge University.pdf
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At Holy Trinity, Headington Quarry (below), the Lewis brothers worshipped. 

Holy Trinity Church.pdf Holy Trinity Church.pdf
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The Kilns (below) was the home of the Lewis brothers from 1930. 

The Kilns.pdf The Kilns.pdf
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At the Eagle and Child (below), the Inklings met to talk, fellowship, and read works in progress by various members of the group. 

The Eagle and Child.pdf The Eagle and Child.pdf
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The PowerPoint below shows the place where Lewis had his midnight conversation in September 1931 with Hugo Dyson and J.R.R. Tolkien, leading to his conversion to Christianity. 

Addisons Walk at Magdalen College.pdf Addisons Walk at Magdalen College.pdf
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The Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford.pdf The Chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford.pdf
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Magdalen College, Oxford 14 MB.pdf Magdalen College, Oxford 14 MB.pdf
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The PowerPoint below shows the church Lewis was baptized and includes a photograph of the actual baptismal record.

St Mark, Dundela.pdf St Mark, Dundela.pdf
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Campbell College.pdf Campbell College.pdf
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The PowerPoints below deal with the parents of Warren Hamilton Lewis, Clive Staples Lewis, their childhood home, and Walter Hooper.

Flora and Albert, Belfast.pdf Flora and Albert, Belfast.pdf
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Little Lea.ppt Little Lea.ppt
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